Values at Rosendahl Design Group

As a creative company, committed and passionate employees are our most important resource. Accordingly, it is important to us to be the sort of workplace where people enjoy coming to work every day. This imposes demands in terms of our day-to-day conduct and the culture we create and carry around with us.

Accordingly, we have defined a number of values together. These serve as an aid in making the right individual decisions but also as a guide to how we wish to act as a company.

Here you can see the shared understanding our “values day” brought us, and how we want to see this reflected in our conduct.

Good business

– the joy of everyone wins.

We conduct ourselves well in all situations. Both human and financial. Doing so demands honesty and trustworthiness that can be hard to live up to. But we couldn’t bear to live without this.


- we act now.

Our starting point is that we know what we’re doing. And we know what we believe in. We have the strength to believe that we’re making the right decisions and we dare to stand by them. It’s better to make the wrong decision than not do anything at all. 


– we go the extra mile for others.

We’re business people. We make a living from our commercial acumen and our ability to generate new business. So we also know that a deal depends on the willingness of both parties to work for mutual benefit. This applies just as much to the way we work internally as externally.


– what if…

Creativity is bringing together normal, everyday things in unusual ways to give them new meaning. Curiosity is a part of our DNA. Find new ways, new people and new inspiration. And never stop.

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