Purpose and Ambition

As a creative company, committed and passionate employees are our most important resource. Accordingly, it is important to us to be the sort of workplace where people enjoy coming to work every day.


  • We believe in beauty – in all its shapes and forms.
  • We believe in the beauty of thinking a little more. Of bringing neither unattractive design nor an ugly environment to this world of ours.
  • We believe in the beauty of Now. In the taste of strawberries, a sunny spot in the woods or the finely crafted lip of a glass.
  • We believe in the beauty of people. Of giving a colleague a helping hand and a smile, and of going the extra mile for others.
  • And we believe in a beautiful bottom line. In returns that don’t just make everything a little more beautiful, but which make it all possible, too!


  • To create a workplace focused on well-being and on developing talent.
  • To create a value-based, international design company focused on the environment and sustainability.
  • To create a company that is mindful of the future and which respects all stakeholders.
  • To operate a financially sound business that makes it all possible.
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