Rosendahl Design Group is FSC certified and member of FSC Denmark. FSC® is an international, not-for-profit labelling programme for wood and paper. The FSC label appears on wood and paper products that you can purchase with a clear conscience.

In an FSC forest, trees are never felled faster than the forest can manage to grow new ones. At the same time, FSC serves as a guarantee that animal and plant life is protected, and that those who work in the forest have access to education, safety equipment and a decent wage.

Sustainable forest management is an important aim, so we want to be part of the dialogue around sustainable wood production. Through FSC Denmark, we can learn from the experiences of others with sustainable forestry certification and, at the same time, contribute our own experience and knowledge.

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The OEKO-TEX® label is a textiles certification aimed at protecting consumers from exposure to harmful substances that can, for example, lead to skin irritation.

Certification is achieved by having the chemical content of textiles tested. The requirements for attaining the OEKO-TEX® certificate are stricter than legislative measures and are continually adjusted to reflect new research results.

In Denmark, the programme is managed by the Textiles section of the Danish Technological Institute, which you can read more about at www.okotex.com

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