Values at Rosendahl Design Group

As a creative company, committed and passionate employees are our most important resource. Accordingly, it is important to us to be the sort of workplace where people enjoy coming to work every day. This imposes demands in terms of our day-to-day conduct and the culture we create and carry around with us.

Accordingly, we have defined a number of values together. These serve as an aid in making the right individual decisions but also as a guide to how we wish to act as a company.

Here you can see the shared understanding our “values day” brought us, and how we want to see this reflected in our conduct.


Our ability to collaborate is our strength. We know that every part of the organisation is equally important to our shared success, and for ensuring that we can continue to be a strong, resilient company.


We dare to make and realise quick decisions when necessary. We intend to avoid bureaucracy and unnecessary systems. This means we show our decisiveness by daring to make decisions and by accepting or rejecting.


We operate in a market that is in a constant state of flux. Flexibility is necessary to enable us to adapt to changing scenarios and to look at things from new angles. We are open to doing things differently and reflecting on new possibilities. We want to be renowned for our readiness to change, our pioneering spirit and our passion.


We want to be renowned for a high level of integrity so that we can always look ourselves and other people in the eye. Our conduct is characterised by professionalism, respect, common sense and a high level of integrity. It’s quite straightforward: we treat our business partners, customers, consumers and colleagues in the same way we ourselves would like to be treated.

Quality consciousness

To us, quality consciousness is about our working lives and also our personal lives. We intend to focus on products, processes and production methods. Our products must always live up to – or preferably exceed – the recipient’s expectations. At the same time, we realise our success is also about striking a balance between our working lives and our personal lives – a balance we must strive to maintain by focusing on the whole person.

Business acumen

Citing “business acumen” as one of our values expresses our understanding that good relationships with suppliers and business partners ensure the best goods at fair prices. This way, we can continue to ensure our customers receive high quality at an affordable price.

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