Headquarters in the north of Zealand, Denmark

The house is designed by the architect Kim Utzon and the interior decorating by the artist and textile designer Lin Utzon and her daughter Naja Utzon.


At a time of rapid development, it was only natural for Rosendahl to take the first steps towards the construction of its new, larger headquarters in 2001.

The decision was fully in line with the company’s values and strategic objectives – business is expanding rapidly these days, and Rosendahl therefore seeks to create an ever stronger identity and profile, both at home and abroad.

At the same time, Rosendahl believes it is crucial for the company to continue to be run as a small and innovative business, and to ensure that its sense of humility and entrepreneurial spirit remains intact.

Architecture creating a sense of balance and harmony

Rosendahl’s ambition was not, therefore, to create a huge new building in order to manifest a sense of grandeur. Instead, the company wanted to create a sense of balance and harmony, internally as well as externally. The headquarters should be a dynamic, inspiring and exciting place to work for all members of staff, a place that will expand every individual employee’s collective awareness of the company’s raison d’être.

The fundamental architectural concept is based on precisely the same idea – that of creating a sense of contentment and harmony for the people inside the building. The building is asymmetrical and highly distinct, with nine separate ‘houses’ placed along a central ‘street’.

This imposing, central space – which at once brings together and sets apart, and which is dominated by light and air – is the natural focal point of this vibrant, dynamic structure. The building is also characterised by the fact that every element has been chosen for its functionality – from the chairs and portable computers to the built-in intelligence system which allows the lights and the indoor climate to be adjusted easily.

Stylistically speaking, the aim has been to create a whole that combines the classical and the modern – just like Rosendahl’s own designs. The style is rooted in the classical tradition, but modern elements are used to create an organic feel. The structural components are large and help to create the impression that the building is a complete entity – an entity in which all elements belong together and blend to form a seamless whole.

The match between the company
and Kim Utzon, the architect

Rosendahl chose Kim Utzon as the architect because his profile perfectly matches the company’s basic philosophy. Rosendahl’s key concepts – design, function and quality – are common traits in Utzon’s work. His architectural oeuvre is driven by an exceptionally high level of quality; this is obvious not only in functional terms – witness his honest use of materials in which functional elements are exploited to the full while being incorporated as architectural statements, but also in aesthetic terms – witness his deliberate use of the movement of light over the course of the day to underline various details.

Kim Utzon has a special understanding of and empathy for the world around him, which Rosendahl also believes to be crucial in regard to the design company’s activities.

Lin Utzon - the artistic adviser

Rosendahl secured the services of the company’s long-term collaborator, the artist and textile designer Lin Utzon, as artistic adviser to the construction project.

Her work ranges from glasses and tableware, over scenography and costumes for the Danish Royal Ballet, to architectural decorations for, among other things, Jørn Utzon’s church in Bagsværd, Volvo’s headquarters in Gothenburg, IBM’s headquarters in Dallas and the San José Convention Center. Her ability to let her ideas and her designs underpin the architecture rather than overshadow it perfectly matches Rosendahl’s aesthetic minimalism and simplicity.

Rosendahl’s vision is for the company’s headquarters in Hørsholm to provide a setting which will contribute significantly towards maintaining and developing the company’s ambitions over the coming years, not only at the overall strategic level, but also in terms of people and values.

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